how to grow high porosity hair

How To Grow High Porosity Hair 2020 ( 7 pro Tips )

Wouldn’t it be marvelous to get show those fine looking hairs off every day? Fortunately, regardless of your style of hair, in any circumstance your curls can look clean and light. It is imperative that you really have a stronger understanding on your own hair, because in trying to consider what your hair wants and what it needs, you are getting a bit deeper. You will find in this article a few general steps you can follow that will explain to you how to grow high porosity hair and take care of them.

Let’s start by learning what hair porosity means;

Porosity indicates how easily the hair can retain and hold moisture. The flexible outer hair layer called the cuticle determines how easily humidity and oils pass through the hairs. It is mostly genetic but can be highly influenced by outer elements.

If your hair is long, it can have high porosity:

  • Looking and feeling dry
  • Is normally frizzy
  • Simple interactions
  • Is expected to crack
  • The air dries quick
  • Material absorption quick
  • Looks seldom bright

Hairs like that are hard to manage but we at are here to help.

How to fix high porosity hair?

Damaged hairs do not fix themselves on their own overnight and if the type concerned is porosity hairs, well they have more than double the chances of breakage. The first thing to do is trim off the broken and damaged hairs to take care of your scalp.

To repair your hair, you need to reduce your heat exposure to hairs as it dries off all the moisture and use minimal or no chemicals at all. Moreover, always check the goods you are using. Stop using any shampoos with high sulfates and make sure any shampoo and conditioner you are using are ultra-moisturizing.

If you want a more eco-friendly and budgeted method try going for egg-treatment, which just involves applying raw egg (with or without yolk) over your hairs and washing them off after 20-30 minutes.

Another more important fix for high porosity hair is, it is necessary for the people with high-porosity hair to integrate protein therapies into their diet. Protein fills the hair shaft partially and enhances the scalp. On important note, protein should not be used as a hydrating agent as it ain’t one.

Tips for high porosity hair

Taking care of high porosity hair can prove strenuous sometimes but with proper guidelines and knowledge you will have that shine and glow in no time.

As porous hairs are susceptible to many problems i.e. breakage, dry looking etc. moisturizing them and enabling them to hold the moisture is the topic of foremost importance.

  • Regular Deep Conditioning
    o Deep conditioners have nutrient ingredients that contribute to alleviating high porosity hair symptoms and contribute to moisture replenishment, encouraging elasticity, strength and a smoothing of your hair.
  • Careful Detangling
    o As the hair is highly porous and has exposed cuticles, it is more vulnerable to tangle. It is therefore critical that your hair is carefully removed by the right tools and techniques
  • No harsh Shampoos or Hair Products
    o It is ideal to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which provide a soft cleanse without abandoning the hair torn away.
  • Sealants
    o A styling agent is used to help seal water on the hair last. As high porosity of hair has elevated cuticles, it can be lightened and moisture removed easily by using a sealant.

    The LOC system is a good technique for application of damping and sealants on your scalp. Layered products can reduce friction and ensure that your moisture is maintained longer.

There are certain things to avoid for if you have high porosity hairs

  • You need to avoid sulphates, silicones, or any other chemicals that may cause bleaching. This will draw a lot of natural oil out of your scalp.
  • Minimize heat styling. You may also use heat styling equipment on a lower heat setting and use a hair heat control device or stop it overall if the condition is not good.
  • Forceful towel drying can cause tension and rupture. A permeable cotton fibershirt can make your hair more relaxed and can help prevent damage.

If you are one of those who ask the question “how to grow high porosity hair”, try following the best-suited course of action for your hairs, bring the glow, and shine back.

LOC method for high porosity hair

LOC or liquid oil cream method is more of a natural hair care method as oils are the best way of keeping moisture locked in the hairs. High porosity of hair speaks to toning creams and oils far more positively. When wet it absorbs more fluid than it needs, causing its scales to swell and lift. Once a cream has been smeared, it is absorbed mostly and gives the cuticles just a little to coat. With the cream layer the right oil is when blended it gives a smoother, more stable coating.

Adding oil to the solvent will secure hair with high porosity by scrubbing the cuticles and preventing tiredness. It is damage sustained by repetitive hair fibers fluctuation. A little oil is left behind to cover the hair upon penetration. When a cream is added, it is pulled in and the left component serves as an environmentally safe barrier layer (evaporation, harmful sunlight etc.).

Whatever your curl profile is, you typically have high porosity and a rough time with retaining of moisture while your hair is chemically washed or dye treated. You may face the risk of breakage of hair and getting them oily, and experience a lot of product build-up if you are a low-porosity curly and
attempt this method. You might like to lay the products and wear your hair in a pan or braid for the day or overnight if you try the LOC method and find it weighs down the hair (e.g. if you have loose waves or thin hair).

The technique is so easy to include in your regimen because likely own the ingredients already and just change the format wherein you apply them to your hair.


If you have mastered the ability of understanding high porosity and recognized some of the high porosity of your hair, your hair care routine can easily be designed for high porosity purposes. Finally, to try some hair products with high porosity to see if the effect of signs of high porosity hair
tends to work or enhances.

If the hair is highly porous, it can easily absorb moisture and oils, but your hair will have difficulty retaining dampness. This can lead to dehydration, wavy hair that is prone to encounter and rupture. However, many such products and tactics can be used to try to enhance the wellbeing and management of your hair. You may also talk to your stylist about ways to improve your hair and overall health if your hair continues to collapse or lacking moisture.

And now you know “how to grow high porosity hair”, therefore, if you’ve got hairs that are porous and can’t retain moisture for long follow the right steps and get the shine back!